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Anybody can be a victim of bed bugs. They are commonly known as “hitchhikers” because they will grab onto people, clothing, suitcases, etc. and travel with you wherever you go. People who are especially at risk include:

  • those who have recently returned home from traveling

  • People who work in high-exposure fields (i.e. flight attendants, firefighters, teachers, assisted living facility employees, hotel employees, property managers, etc.)

  • Tenants moving into an apartment or condo

Image by Jose Losada

Our professional bed bug inspections can help businesses achieve complete control when it comes to detecting and treating bed bug infestations. Relying on our bed bug dog and his certified handler, Atlas K9 Bed Bug detection can help you detect any infestations before they grow out of hand!

Image by Vojtech Bruzek
Service & Hospitality Industry

Hotels, assisted living facilities, hospitals, daycare centers, movie theaters, department stores, libraries, etc. are at high risk for bed bug exposure because of the amount of people frequently coming and going. With Atlas K9 bed bug detection, property owners can detect the problem and remediate it quickly and quietly.

Our bed bug detection pros understand that discretion is essential for keeping your facility clean and sanitary at all times, and our team will work with you to deliver fast, accurate results.


As any great agent you want what’s best for you clients so they reduce risks and have a pleasant purchasing experience. Part of this is knowing the house doesn’t have bed bugs. As part of your inspection process you should call Atlas K9 Bed Bug Detection to do a thorough inspection of the home.  That way, if we do find bugs, your buyer can make an informed decision on moving forward, or having the sellers complete extermination before closing.  

Property Management

Apartment complexes, and property management companies can have the dog come and inspect each property between tenants. When an apartment is inspected a written report will be provided to the client explaining whether or not bed bugs were detected or if the unit was bug free. If bugs are found, information about the best way to handle the bugs will be provided, allowing clients to properly mitigate the problem before it becomes a full-blown infestation, having the potential to cross multiple units/floors of the property.

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