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Highland Canine Training, LLC is a multifaceted dog training business based out of North Carolina. The overall diversity of Highland gives them the experience, knowledge and expertise to offer turn-key solutions for the dog training industry.

Their kennels and dog training facility are located on a 23+ acre property in the foothills of North Carolina.  Nearby, they have a 50+ acres Canine Education Center which houses their School for Dog Trainers.


K9 Training Products


Owned and operated by a local couple, Bill and Kerry are exceptionally knowledgeable in the areas of both pet owning and running of farms.  

Growing up on a farm in the Inverary area Bill has had many years of first hand farm experience. Kerry spent much of her youth growing up in the big city of Toronto but don't let that fool you, moving to Inverary quickly brought out her country side and she has since loved being involved in the day to day tasks of the couples small hobby farm. 

Pest Control Services
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